It's time to unlock the potential"

Typical Norolle bred cow and calf grazing on native pasture.

Gelbvieh cattle are a German, triple purpose breed -
bred for milk and meat - and as a beast of burden.

Pronounced ‘gel-fee’ - meaning ‘gold cow’.

Norolle Cattle Company produce Gelbvieh Stud Stock.
We also successfully Cross Breed with Gelbvieh.

The demand for Gelbvieh to use in commercial herds
of various breeds has increased greatly as the message
spreads about the breed’s strengths and versatility.

  • Fertility
  • Mothering ability
  • Exceptional Milk
  • Docility
  • Adaptability
  • Longevity
  • Excellent Carcass
  • Overall Pigmentation
  • High Saleable Meat Yield
  • Outstanding Weight for Age

5 month old NEWMAN heifer

Why don’t you consider using Gelbvieh !
With these functional traits - how could you go wrong !


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